Take back control of your customer reviews!

We get it. Good reviews and testimonials are essential for any business today

The problem is that the large review websites display all your reviews: the good and the bad. You're cut out of the loop and no longer in control. That's bad for your business and your customers.

Instead, wouldn't it be amazing if you could show off your good reviews in public while resolving the bad ones in private? Well now you can...

CommentCards lets you:-

CommentCards gives you all this while being fully automated and easy to get started, while offering complete control.

CommentCards is FREE* to start (no credit-card required) and £10 p/m thereafter and provides a platform with the best marketing ROI for business.

How does CommentCards work?

Meanwhile, while you get build up valuable data and insights on both your core strengths and weaknesses.

Everything is web-based so there is nothing to install and no complex programming involved.

What you get for free*

  1. Realtime dashboard of your Net Promoter Score, rating and feedback
  2. Auto-publish reviews on your own site
  3. Receive structured feedback, not just wordy, convoluted text
  4. Allow anonymous feedback for anxious customers
  5. Direct good reviews to further review sites of your choice, like TripAdvisor
  6. Receive an email alert to resolve bad reviews
  7. Intgegrate with your favourite email service, like MailChimp
* You get 100 free reviews on signup and unlimited reviews for £10 p/m