Take Back Control of Your Customer Reviews!

Good Reviews are Essential for Business Today

But the usual review services end up publishing all of your reviews. You lose control and that can be deadly for your business.

We let you show off your good reviews in public, resolve the bad ones in private and just delete the crazy ones.

Quite simply: CommentCards puts you back in control of your reviews!

How Does CommentCards Work?

First, have a look at a live profile page and some screenshots...

Operating CommentCards is couldn't be easier:

  1.  Send customers a link to your very own online comment card
  2.  Good reviews are automatically made public
  3.  Poor reviews are automatically made private

...meanwhile, you get to build up valuable data and insights on both your core strengths and weaknesses.

Everything is web-based so there is nothing to install and no complex programming involved, while the option to customise is always there.

Why Use CommentCards?

CommentCards gives you all this while being fully automated and easy to get started.

CommentCards is FREE* to start (no credit-card required) and £10 p/m thereafter and provides you with the best marketing ROI for your business: positive word-of-mouth.

What You Get For FREE *

  1.  Realtime dashboard of your Net Promoter Score, rating and feedback
  2.  Automatically publish good reviews on your own site
  3.  Receive actionable, structured feedback, not just a messy blob of text
  4.  Allow anonymous feedback for customer privacy
  5.  Reply to reviews and include fun emojis
  6.  Direct good reviews onwards to Google, TripAdvisor & others
  7.  Receive an immediate email alert to resolve customer complaints
  8.  Set-up a restricted Editor account for an assistant
  9.  Easily customise the look to fit in with your website
  10.  Automatic spam filtering for later manual approval
  11.  Easily automate with an email service, such as MailChimp
  12.  Download reviews anytime to Excel. After all, they're your reviews!

* You get 100 free reviews on signup and unlimited reviews for £10 p/m. The equivalent for TrustPilot? £165 p/m and Google and TripAdvisor don't even allow you to moderate or hide reviews at all

No credit-card required!